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Document Translation Services

 1. At AZ Interpreter, we specialize in English, Russian and Ukrainian, but we can provide translation services to other languages as well, through our network of professional translators and interpreters.

 2. At AZ Interpreter we provide the following translation services:

          Certified translation from English into Russian and from Russian into English. (passports, birth certificates, diplomas, medicals, legal and corporate paperwork, etc.)
          Non-certified translation of personal correspondence, promotional materials, technical documentation, web-sites, printed articles, etc.

          Notarized translation of documents with apostilles for foreign use

 3. We ship certified translations by reliable mail couriers (USPS Piority and FedEx Priority Overnight - within the U.S.) and provide both economy (3-5 w/days) and expedited (next morning delivery) services (in the United States).

 4. Our Translation business and customer communications is conducted through email and phone communication.

 5. We provide exceptional translation services that are accepted by governmental, judicial and other authorities in the U.S., Russia, Ukraine.

Approximate rates:

   Marriage, Divorce, birth, death certificates - $25 / 1 page
   Personal correspondence, promotional materials, articles - $30 / 1 page (up to 3000 characters)
   Medical forms - $30 / 1 page
   Technical and specialized text - $40 / 1 page
Prices may vary by the degree of difficulty of the text submitted.

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