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Russian tutors

At AZ Interpreter, we provide private lessons in Russian language.
Our tutors are located in Phoenix, AZ, and we primary focus on one-on-one tutoring. However Live online lessons are available as well. All you need is a computer, Internet, microphone and ear-phones.
Our tutors focus on your individual needs and preferences. Some students like a faster pace, when others prefer a more academic and thorough approach. We also take into consideration your current level of Russian and your immediate and long-time goals. We pay especial attention to your listening, comprehension and conversational skills. Every lesson will increase your vocabulary and your reading skills, we also work on your pronunciation, grammar, sentence structure, and conversation practice.
The lessons are $30 an hour. Professionally designed curriculum. You can use your own textbooks or the recommended textbook, we will also email you free materials. Please call us at 602-7741710 or email us at (Subject: Russian lessons).

Russian lessons:

   One-on-one Lessons: 1 hour - $30 (5 lessons sessions minimum)
   On-line lessons: 1 hour - $25 (5 lessons minimum)

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