Interpretation Services

Interpreters and translators make the cross-cultural communication possible by converting one language into another. For people who ever tried using electronic translators, soon it becomes obvious that interpretation and translation requires more than simple translation of the words. It requires an understanding the subject matter, ideas and concepts and accurate conversion of information from one language to another. Also some people can do both, interpretation and translation are two different jobs. Interpreters deal with spoken words, translators with written words.

At AZ Interpreter we provide interpretation services for the variety of needs. We provide the highest standards of interpretations and guarantee complete confidentiality. Our prices are highly competitive.

Interpretation rates:

   Legal/Court Interpreting: 1 hour - $60 (2 hours minimum)
   Conference interpretation: 1 hour - $60 (2 hours minimum)
   Escort Interpreting: 1 hour - $40 (2 hours minimum)

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